Society Registration, Trust Registration, NGO Registration and Firm Registration are no more an intricate procedure. Tax Advocate India a NGO Consultant is always for your assistance. We provide the best partnership firm, society, NGO, Trust and Firm Registration. The Indian Societies Registration Act was implemented under the British Rule in India in 1860, in accordance to this act charitable, literary and scientific societies must be properly registered. A society can be framed by 7 people who are kindred for any charitable, literary or scientific impetus. A memorandum of the same is to be filled thereafter in which the name of the society, its aims, objectives, name, occupation, and addresses of the governing members of the society must be stated. This in turn should be approved by the other constituting membersof the society.

NGO’s play a very important role between the government and the common people and is also a must for smooth functioning of the democracy. We can render our hand helping you to easily establish an NGO with our NGO registration services. In order to start an NGO there is a procedure and certain laws, In India all the NGO’s are registered in accordance with the Societies Registration Act 1860.

The law which lays down all the norms for Partnership Firm is the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. The law states that the firm can be registered at any time not necessarily during its formation. The Application for the Partnership firm registration should contain the name of the firm, place of business, dates on which various partners collaborated, names and addresses of all the partners and the firm’s duration. This application is verified and signed by all the business partners.

Requirements and Documents

Certified copy of the Trust Deed.

Application to form a board of Trustees, signed by all the Trustees.

Statutory Declaration

At least one Witness

The name of the Trust’s Author

Trustees Names and the name of the Trust

Location of its office

Bank Account front page and transaction history copy

Details regarding the future projects of the trust.

Pan Card Xerox and certificate for non violation


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